Praise moves - the Christian alternative to Yoga

I'm not sure what to think about this - is it for real? is it a joke? is it theologically based? What are the moves?

Although I suppose there is some similarity to this church countdown video, which is actually amazingly hilarious:

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A Christian view of #TheDress

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The Top 10 most unlikely baby names from the Bible for the 21st Century

We recently wrote about unpopular or unusual Bible names. You can read it here. However we asked if anyone could make our Top 10 list up into an image. Well, here is one of the best, by Roger M Scholbe. Feel free to visit his Facebook page here, but we wanted to extend a big thank you!

via Roger M Scholbe

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What are the 10 most unpopular Bible names?

Have you ever come across a word or a name in the Bible that you are unable to pronounce? What about a whole section or chapter of the Bible that is full of such unpronounceable words? What about if you were asked to say a whole heap of them in front of your entire congregation?

I recently had this experience when I was asked to read the Bible in church and the passage was Luke Chapter 3 verses 21 to 38. The first two verses were fine. The last 16 were not.


Verses 23 to 38 are the genealogy of Jesus Christ, which you can read here (NIV) or here (ESV).

Whenever I am asked to read the Bible in church, I often, if not always, practice by reading the passage out loud at home. I try to understand it, find any words that may be hard to pronounce, and get the flow and rhythm correct.

Luke Chapter 3 verse 23 to 38 was a struggle - not so much with the flow of the passage, which was actually quite easy in its monotony, (son of Joseph, son of Heli, son of Levi, son of Huey, son of Dewey, son of Louie, etc etc), but I struggled with pronouncing the names, which included Mattathias, Zerubbabel, Eliezer, Amminadab and Mahalaleel.

I practiced and practiced, and was eventually able to pronounce each name without stumbling during the Bible reading. I then received a huge amount of feedback from the congregation, mainly along the lines of "Wow, you really drew the short straw having to read that passage", or "What did you do to deserve getting that passage to read out".

But in preparing to pronounce all of these unusual Bible names, it got me thinking - perhaps it would have been easier had I known a few Zerubbabels or Mahalaleels, and had some practice saying them. But I don't know any Zerubbabels nor Mahalaleels, and I suspect that you don't know any either. It seems that some names from the Bible have had an enduring level of popularity, while some have not.

My guess is that there have always been plenty of Johns, James, Matthews and Marys, (from the New Testament), and quite likely over the centuries a lot of Daniels, Adams, Joshuas and Ruths (from the Old Testament). It also appears that some lesser known Old Testament names are making a comeback such as Noah, Isaac, Jonah and Reuben (I even know 2 Boazs, and one Malachi).

But from my extensive research on the topic, here is my Top 10 most unlikely baby names from the Bible for the 21st century (sorry in advance if you find your own name on the list):

10. Methuselah
9. Baal
8. Edom
7. Goliath
6. Hobab
5. Shadrach / Meshad or Abednego
4. Magog
3. Nebuchadnezzar
2. Sodom

And finally, number one on my list of most unpopular baby names, and I will be very surprised if anyone knows anyone by this name is .... (drum roll)

1. Judas.

Do you know anyone called any of these names? What is the most unusual, uncommon, or least popular Bible name that you have heard of? Please write it in the comments below.

Some other names that just missed out on the Top 10 are Abitub, Moab, Zadok, Gad, Nimrod, Laban, Megiddo, Linus, Nebo, and Hobab

(PS. Do you want a special individual shout-out to our 35K Facebook followers, and 85K Twitter followers? We are looking for someone to put the Top 10 list of names above into an image, or info-graphic. If you are able to and are keen to do this, please send your image to christianfunnypictures AT gmail DOT com. We will repost the best ones including any link you want us to share, eg. your website, blog, Facebook page etc)

Thanks to Roger M Scholbe for this great image and responding to our request.

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